Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Teeny Weeny Jaw-Dropping Knits

If you've got a good connection, go here: Coraline's Bedroom

Once the page loads, click on the upper drawer of the white bureau on the left. This will load a short movie on the fiber artist who has been knitting intricate sweaters on the micro-scale for the upcoming movie, Coraline (based on a Neil Gaiman novel).

We're talking this kind of scale:

For the animated figures in the movie:
'Kay, then there's another movie I have to go see for the knitting!

Now, if you want a pattern for the starry sweater in the picture above, click the bottom drawer on the white bureau. You can download a free PDF knitting pattern for Coraline's sweater -- in a wearable size, not microscale!

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