Friday, December 19, 2008

FO: Green Mobius Chemo Cap

When you're stuck on the couch recovering from pneumonia, when getting up and putting up a few Christmas decorations is exhausting, when making Christmas goodies is out of the question because it wouldn't do to cough bacteria all over them, funny how it's so much easier to catch up on one's knitting.

Here's another cap for the chemo cap project I'm working on. This one is in jade green Elann Esprit, using the Mobius Hat pattern. Though the pattern called for one ball, it would take two complete it as the pattern dictates. I found I was starting to run short on yarn when the crown had reached 4 1/2 inches of the required 5, so I began the decreases and still ran out before I finished the decrease rounds. I pulled the last few inches through the live stitches and pulled them tight enough that it didn't leave a hole at the top, though the crown was more puckered than the pattern shows. Still, the crown was high enough, and I think I could have stopped at 4 inches and had enough crown and enough yarn to finish the decrease rounds.


Anonymous said...

I may make all the chemo caps you make...

Lupie said...

So cool1 I love the magic of the mobius!


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