Friday, October 3, 2008

Afghans for Afghans sweater is done!

Last night I finished doing up the seams in mattress stitch -- and now that I've carefully followed the directions in Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters: Give Your Knitting that Professional Look by Sharon Brant, I understand how to do mattress stitch properly, so that the seam is flattish and the strand I used to sew it up is hidden completely.

After the sewing up came the weaving in of ends, and then it was done! It's ready now to box up and ship off to the Afghans for Afghans collection center.


Steffi said...

What a lovely sweater! Mmmmm, I'm not a huge fan of seaming - that book sounds like a great resource. Yours turned out wonderfully!

Knitting Mummy said...

That looks lovely I have invented my own form of seaming and I am sure there must be an easier way of doing things so I might have to get hold of that love the colours also.


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