Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On the needles: Kimono Vest in Souffle yarn

What's currently on the needles? Um... quite a number of things, actually, if I dig through old copper wash boiler where I keep works in progress. What I'm currently actively working on is a shorter version of the Kimono Long Vest, a free pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns. I'm making it fingertip length and doing it up in Souffle, a nubby, slightly glossy cotton and rayon yarn from Knit One, Crochet Too that I got from the bargain racks on a stash-enhancing excursion to Woodland Wool Works in Carlton, Oregon. It's working up as a loose openwork on size 9 needles, and by a mistake of my own in reading the instructions, I've modified the stitch to this:
For back, cast on 100 stitches.
Knit the first row.
Row 2 and all rows thereafter, K1, *K 2 tog, yo* to last stitch, K 1

For the fronts, I've cast on 34 stitches. After working those up, I'll sew up the shoulder seams, then do the ribbing at the neck and fronts, and the ribbing at the armholes, then sew up the side seams.

Isn't that typical of a knitting addict? "I've got this pattern, and I'm doing it in a different yarn in a different gauge, on larger needles, and with a different stitch, and I'm making it shorter, but isn't it a great pattern?"

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