Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post hurricane -- knitters standing by

Image captured from WindMap (, October 30, 2012

I'm still agog at the destruction wrought by the Frankenstorm, a.k.a. Hurricane Sandy. I've been collecting images for teaching purposes, especially satellite images and images of wind patterns, to go with my ecology unit, but of course once one looks close, the human toll is evident. Naturally, being the generous people that they are, knitters are among the first to say, "What can WE do?"

First of all, give generously to relief organizations such as the Red Cross, who are among the first responders. Cash is the best donation when the need is great. Some groups take donations of material things, too, but only if they have the volunteers to sort the donations, and a percentage of what they get is unusable. Find out what is needed before donating.

Second, take a stroll over to the Chez Lysa blog, where Lysa has assembled a list of crafts for a cause. A number of manufacturers, indie yarnies, and designers are donating part of their profits toward hurricane relief.

Check Ravelry. Many designers there are donating proceeds of their patterns toward relief efforts.

Among those, please include my own Bridges of Marion County scarf pattern. I'll have another up soon, but proceeds from the sale of Bridges in November, December, and January will go to the Red Cross for Sandy relief.

Take care, New York, New Jersey, and all other areas hit by the storm.

"Is it over?"

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