Sunday, February 19, 2012

More FOs: Owlings and Ellies Blankie

This month, for my group's 12 in '12 theme (we're all going to do at least 12 projects in 2012), the KAL theme was critter mittens. I'm not a big mitten fan (except on really cold mornings) so I went for mitts. I wanted to use up some leftover Rowan Cashsoft, so I hit on a pattern called Owlings. It's a take off on the ever-so-popular Fetching mitts, but with li'l owl cables.

Not easy to take pictures of black yarn, but you get the idea, I think? I like these. The yarn is thick and warm. I had to take one owling out (5 stitches) so I could get two mitts out of the small amount of yarn I have, so these are closer-fitting than the would otherwise have been, but even on my big hands (over 8 inch span, folks, I shoulda been a pianist, but three years of piano lessons convinced me it was a hopeless cause) they fit just fine.

Some time over a year ago, folks in the group knit up squares in sock yarn for a baby blanket for one gal who was expecting. The squares got knit, then edged with single crochet, and the person who was organizing the thing finally got them pieced together and got the blanket to me. I added a simple crochet lace border (I only had small amount of yarn so I kept it real simple), then washed and blocked the blankie. Baby is already walking, but at least it's done well before she heads off to college.


Katie said...

So my 9" span is positively prodigious? Her I thought it was just convenient...

For the record, she's not *quite walking, she keeps getting distracted by other shiny skills like climbing.. but she could be!

WorstedKnitt said...

Owlings, what a cool little twist to the fetching pattern!

lunaticraft said...

Adorable! Love the little owlings. The blanket is adorable as well!


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