Saturday, November 21, 2009


I've been on the couch most of the day. There is a pile of soggy tissues and an empty juice cup on the end table.

Yeah, I've got the creeping crud. Bleagh. All my hand-washing and hand-sanitizing to ward off the things my students bring to school with them, and I was brought down when my DH came home with a cold himself. One stray kiss -- "Oops, sorry, forgot" -- and then another sometime later, and yet another... do they make lip sanitizer? 'Cause I could use some.

It's not the flu, just a rotten cold, rotten enough to make my nose run like a faucet and give me a low-grade fever Wednesday night that made me sleep poorly (I must have slept on and off because stuff happened that I know couldn't have really happened). Thursday I went in to school long enough to return graded exams and deliver a lecture, then went home and curled up with the vaporizer for the afternoon. Thursday night I slept well enough that I thought I'd do okay Friday, reinforced by a 24-hour antihistamine and some aspirin.

Mistake! Bad mistake! I barely staggered through the day, making sure I slathered on the hand sanitizer before grading and handing back papers. Oh, the stupid decisions we make when the brain is distracted by a cold!

Today I've been perched on the couch all day, working on my NaNoWriMo novel (over 7000 words in one day and passed up the 50,000 word mark, hooah!), and knitting. The one consolation to sitting on the couch all day is having some luscious cashmere (beautiful domestic cashmere from Breezy Meadow Cashmere Farm) to work on:

The pattern is Spiraluscious, a lovely little cowl that was designed for fingering-weight yarn, but this laceweight on size 4 needles seems to be getting near gauge.

The bad part? Is when you feel so rotten with a cold that you don't even feel like knitting with cashmere. Cashmere! Yeah, that's a rotten cold.

The kitties have been consoling me all day. I've had at least one cat with me, sometimes two or three, most of the day. Odin is all soft and poofy and orange and has the most luxuriant purr. Belle decided she needed a nap, too -- in my big knitting bag, the little darlin'.


smilinggreenmom said...

Awww....sorry you don't feel well! That was just too funny "lip sanitizer" LOL!!! My sister is a teacher too and it is always a battle of germs all winter. Even for us with our little ones in school we are forever washing and sanitizing! I was gonna say though that we also take our daily probiotic from Vidazorb. Super yummy and it's a chewable that we do not have to worry about refrigerating (can keep it in my purse) and I think it is so important to take probiotics because...with all this sanitizing, it kills ALL bacteria!!!

Our bodies need the good bacteria in order to properly balance our body and fight off the bad guys...making it necessary to replenish them after all the hand washing. Make sense? Sorry if this sounds should definitely think about this since you are around so many germs! Hope it helps and get well soon :)

mb. said...

I have also been COUGH COUGH sick. For about ten COUGH COUGH days. Do you find that when you tell people 'no, not the flu, certainly not H1N1-nothing below the waist' they lose all sympathy? Because apparently it is a contest?

I hope you feel better soon.

lunaticraft said...

That IS a nasty cold! Feel better, certianly, but AWESOME for the novel progress. I've never gotten that far in to one without having a hissy fit and deleting the whole thing. (I'm apparently a tempermental artist... haha) This NaNoWrMo thing seems to have potential... maybe I'll create my own in December... =D

DrChopSuey said...

I hope you are feeling better! Take care :)


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