Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day knit-in

Some years we have New Year's dinner with family or friends, but with all the storm damage this year, no one was ready to host a get-together. But all was not lost on the social front -- the Rose and Ram Knit Shop in Independence hosted its annual Knit-and-Spin-In for local knitting and spinning groups and guilds, while the 2EZ Cafe across the street opened just long enough for knitters and spinners to get lunch or coffee.

There were comfy couches and chairs for knitting:

And more knitting:

There was at least one snuggly baby from our Ravelry group, swathed in hand-knits -- Gwendolyn and her mama Patch:

There was considerable spinning going on in the hallway, with a variety of wheels:

And some spindle spinning going on as well:

Much food, chat, and productivity going on to fill the afternoon. A good time was had by all.

1 comment:

Lupie said...

This is a knitters dream! Were there any crocheters?


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