Monday, January 5, 2009

A bargain in needles

So what we have here is an entire set of 7 inch bamboo double-pointed needles, five in each set, from size 1 through 10 1/2, 13, and 15, AND an entire set of 13" single-pointed needles from size 1 through size 10 1/2 and 13, AND a fabric case to put them in, all of which I bought from

For how much?

Would you believe $23.99 for the entire set of DPNs?

And another $23.99 for the entire set of single-pointed needles?

Add in the needle case for $9.99 (out of stock at the moment) and you have yourself a complete set of both kinds of needles for a whole lot less than you'd pay for the individual sets.

The brand is Stanwood, made in China like nearly every manufactured product on the planet these days. It's fairly close to the feel of a good set of Takumi Clover needles. A little beeswax and some rubbing should bring them up to par. I spotted this bargain a little over a week ago, but I didn't want to blog about it until I had the needles in hand and could inspect them for quality.

There are more Stanwood Products listed on Amazon, including circular needles and an inexpensive ball winder. I may have to give those a try as well.


lunaticraft said...

Oh my! What a deal! I may have to check those out...

Lupie said...

Wow you found a great deal!
The case is perfect for the needles. So organic looking.


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